Preserve the Awe

Make it Your Nature to protect the NC mountains 

The Boone area's natural, awe-inspiring beauty has moved countless explorers, artists, musicians, scientists, and others throughout its history. The gently rolling mountains are tinted all shades of blue by the chemical isoprene, which is naturally emitted by local tree species. In fact, the area is home to many rare endemic species of flora and fauna, without which these mountains just wouldn't be the same.

Experience the magic of discovering a rare colorful salamander near a clean mountain stream. Spend a day taking in the pleasant scent of spring wildflowers or watching fluffy snowflakes fall from above. Let the bright Milky Way take your breath away along the Blue Ridge Parkway, where light pollution is minimal at night. While you fall in love with awe-inspiring Boone, you'll find plenty of reasons to preserve it. 

Make It Your Nature To Follow The 7 Principles Below

Preserve Awe inspiring Boone

Plan Ahead and Prepare

Learn about parks and attractions before visiting. Pack the appropriate food, water, and layers for the season's weather.

Start Planning

Stick to Trails and Sidewalks

Keep to designated trails, camp at existing or designated sites, practice waterfall safety, and always follow posted signage. Be cautious, and always stay within your party's skill level.

Trash Your Trash

Pack it in, pack it out. Place any and all waste in a garbage bag to take home. Don't forget pet & human waste!

Leave It As You Found It

Instead of handling them, take pictures of flowers and insects. Don’t stack river rocks to be sure to protect salamanders and other creatures' habitats.

Be Careful With Fire

Check local regulations, gather wood locally, and burn wood completely to ash.

Start Planning

Keep Wildlife Wild

Observe all wildlife from a safe distance. Store food securely and never feed a wild animal.


Respect others so the Boone area’s natural spaces will be welcoming and relaxing for all.

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