Step into woods and meadows on Boone trails on the parkway

Boone area trails on and off the Parkway are specifically designed to entice non-hikers and serious hikers alike. On the Parkway there are a large variety of trails. Easy trails allow anyone to step into the woods and meadows to take a break in their drive, and nationally significant serious hikes let serious hikers keep trekking on. 





This 1-mile interpretive waterfall loop teaches about local trees. Extend the hike by starting at Tompkins Knob Overlook, Milepost 272.5. From there, stroll by Jesse Brown Cabin and Cool Springs Baptist Church, and on to Cascades parking area at .7 mile. Hike that trail and then back to your car for a 2.4-mile hike. Check out our Boone Area Trail Guide to Cascade Falls.


Stop by Moses Cone Manor at milepost 294 and you'll find the trailhead to around 25 miles of carriage trails - create your own loop or take the popular Flat Top Tower out-and-back hike or the 0.7-mile Figure 8 loop. To circle two great ponds, exit the Parkway at US 221. For Trout Lake, turn right on Shull's Mill Road a short distance to park and hike around hemlock-fringed Trout Lake. Or go left on US 221, and in a mile turn left into the Bass Lake Trail, a scenic, 1-mile lake loop with views up to Cone Manor House. Check out our Boone Area Trail Guide to Bass Lake


Starting at the Julian Price Picnic Area, the Boone Fork Trail trail is a strenuous 5.5-mile loop winding along creeks, pastures, rhododendron-lined paths, giant boulders, and meadows. Start by taking a right at the trailhead, the first mile is an easy Kids In Parks TRACK trail, and Hebron Falls can be accessed by a short path at about 1.5 miles.


This awe-inspiring area of alpine-like vegetation surveys a nearly 5,000-foot drop from Grandfather Mountain's peaks to flatland North Carolina far below. Boardwalk views are a mere .3 mile, and the summit is 1.2 miles round-trip. This is just a short section of the 13.5-mile Tanawha Trail. Check out our Boone Area Trail Guide to Rough Ridge.


Cross the trail bridge for an easy ramble to waterfall views. For a more strenuous hike, stay on the visitor center side of the river and take the Linville Gorge Trail to the base of the cataract at the head of Linville Gorge. Check out our Boone Area Trail Guide to Linville Falls.


Help preserve these Blue Ridge Parkway trails by planning ahead, keeping on designated trails, respecting wildlife, packing out any trash, and being considerate of others on the trails.

Learn more about how to help preserve the awe-inspiring environment around Boone!

"Awe-inspiring Boone is relying on us. Preserve the Awe." An outline of a reusable water bottle frames a man hiking with a backpack during a stunning sunset.