Meeting Dates

The Boone & Watauga County TDA staff maintains an office in downtown Boone NC to carry out the tourism-related marketing and infrastructure development initiatives as defined by the TDA Board of Directors.


Boone & Watauga County TDA
331 Queen St; Suite 101
Boone, NC 28607

828-266-1345 Phone


L. Wright Tilley
Executive Director
Email: Click Here
828-266-1345 (ext. 203)

Hope Thingelstad
Director of Tourism Outreach
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828-266-1345 (ext. 201)

Emily Neeley
Director of P.R. and Social Media
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828-266-1345 (ext. 202)

Reggie Hunt
Executive Director of the Boone Area Sports Commission
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The 2022 meeting schedule of the Watauga County TDA Board of Directors is as follows:

January 11 8:30 am

Watauga Community Recreation Center Meeting Room

*Masks Required*

February 8  8:30 am

Watauga Community Recreation Center Pool Party Meeting Room

*Masks Required*

March 15 8:30 am

The Beacon Butcher Bar

April 12 8:30 am 

Fairfield Inn & Suites

May 10 8:30 am

Watauga Community Recreation Center

June 14 8:30 am

*Public Budget Hearing*

Watauga County Administration Meeting Room

July 14 4:00 pm

*Special Called Meeting*

Virtual Meeting

August 16 8:30 am

(3rd Tuesday)

Watauga County Administration Meeting Room

September 13  8:30 am

Fairfield Inn & Suites

October 11 8:30 am

Watauga County Administration Meeting Room

Half-Day Board Retreat (not a regular meeting)

November 15   8:30 am

Watauga Community Recreation Center

Poolside Meeting Room

231 Complex Dr, Boone, NC 28607

December No Meeting  

The WCTDA typically meets the second Tuesday of each month, except for July and December. Most meetings are held at the Watauga County Administrative Building, 814 W. King Street, and usually begin at 8:30 am


The 2022 Boone TDA Board of Directors meeting schedule is as follows:

January 19 3:00pm


March 16 3:00pm

Fairfield Inn & Suites Meeting Room

May 18 3:00pm

Hampton Inn & Suites Meeting Room 

June 22


*Public Budget Hearing*

Holiday Inn Express

September 14   


Courtyard by Mariott

1050 Highway 105, Boone, NC 28607

November 16   1:00pm* time changed

Hampton Inn & Suites Meeting Room

1252 U.S. Hwy 421 S.














The Boone TDA typically meets on the third Wednesday of January, March, May, June, September, and November.  Meetings are held at various locations in Boone.