Basics of the Parkway

What to expect while driving Boone area sections of the parkway 

The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most visited units of the National Park Service. Traveling along the Blue Ridge Parkway inspires relaxation while enjoying never-ending views. In the Boone Area, the Parkway is one of the best routes to work for many locals and it is important to remember some basic tips for traveling along the Parkway to ensure a smooth, leisurely ride. 


A cyclist stands beside their bicycle on the side of the Blue Ridge Parkway overlooking some high mountain peaks. TIPS FOR DRIVING

- The maximum Parkway speed limit is 45 mph, with many 35 mph zones.
- There are few passing zones on the Parkway but overlooks make it easy to pull off the road if necessary.
- Parking is available at trailheads and overlooks. Avoid parking on road shoulders to protect vegetation and roadways.
- Be cautious around dusk and dawn when wildlife is more active.
- Be aware of bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists. Share the road; the parkway is for everyone!
- Taking all valuables with you or locking them in your vehicle is advised.



- Expect cool temperatures any time of year with mountaintop temps being 10 or more degrees cooler even during the peak of summer.
- A rain jacket and layers of clothing are a good idea to have on hand as summer days can bring cooling thunderstorms.
- Spring and fall can turn cold with little warning and October and April are most likely to see the first or last flakes.
- Winter snows on the Parkway can be deep; snowy weather road closures may last for weeks.



- Parkway signs warn motorists to "Avoid Parkway in Fog, Snow and Ice."
- The Parkway often closes gates to deny access due to snow and ice. Keep an eye on the closures page here.
- If sudden snow or icing occurs, safely exit the Parkway to public highways



For details on road closures and weather, camping, activities, bloom, and foliage updates, referral to office numbers, request brochures, and more, call the Parkway information line, at 828-298-0398, or visit the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation website.



Use the interactive map below to find the access points for the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Boone area. 

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Parkway Maintenance in 2024

Road maintenance is planned for several sections of the roadway near Boone. There will be full closures just North of Boone in Deep Gap, from milepost 276.5 to 261 and beyond that, in Doughton Park. LEARN MORE ON THE PARKWAY ROAD CLOSURES PAGE