New Project Funded by Watauga TDA
to Ease Visitor Navigation

BOONE, N.C. June 2, 2022 — New wayfinding signage is being installed across Watauga County beginning this June to help visitors more easily Explore Boone. The Watauga Tourism Development Authority (TDA) funded the county-wide wayfinding signage program starting with 22 signs for the first phase.

The Watauga TDA contracted with Destination By Design, a multidisciplinary firm in Boone, to design the signs, help select the sign manufacturer, and oversee the installation process. These signs incorporate Explore Boone's brand elements and will help visitors find popular locations within the county.

"This project has been in the works for a few years, but COVID delayed the process for a couple of years. We are thrilled to finally get the new signage manufactured and installed this summer," said Wright Tilley, Executive Director of the Boone and Watauga County TDAs. "The signage will help improve the visitor experience with easier, more recognizable navigation in various locations across the county."

The Watauga TDA worked with the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) on all sign locations and sign approvals. The NCDOT signed an encroachment agreement that allows the Watauga TDA to install the 22 signs in approved areas within NCDOT right-of-ways in Boone and Watauga County. The second phase with additional signs will follow over the next year.

Existing brown NCDOT informational signage is being removed if duplicative per the NCDOT's request to reduce confusion and simplify navigation for visitors. The new wayfinding signs installed by the TDA are part of an effort to improve the overall visitor experience. 

Wayfinding Signs