BOONE, N.C. May 5, 2022 — Explore Boone and their marketing agency, Miles Partnership, won an "Outstanding Integrated Ad Campaign" award in the 2022 Internet Advertising Competition from the Web Marketing Association for their "Boone's Got Awe" campaign. The award was presented in April to Explore Boone and Miles.

"For this campaign, we wanted to put the viewer in the scene, capture their attention and inspire them to come experience the ‘awe’ of Boone's natural surroundings in person rather than a traditional static scenic vista," said Wright Tilley, Executive Director of the Boone and Watauga County TDAs. "These ads were featured in major feeder markets to our area as a part of our 'Got Awe' campaign."

The "Got Awe" campaign launched in the fall of 2021 to inspire visitors to experience the beauty of the Boone area. The winning integrated ad submissions from Explore Boone's "Got Awe" campaign are showcased on the Miles Partnership site. The immersive, HTML5-animated ads pan across scenic pictures in the area but then switch to the point of view of the models reflecting the scene through their eyewear.

"Boone is gorgeous, but there is nothing like seeing it in person," said Ryan Thompson, the Senior Vice President of Miles Partnership and the Founder & Managing Director of Odyssey. "Our creative team worked hard to create an immersive experience for the viewer that puts them in Boone. We're thrilled to win an award for this integrated campaign with our client Explore Boone."

The IAC Awards provide an opportunity to highlight the best online advertising in 97 industries and nine online formats, including online ad, video, mobile, newsletter, email, and social media. For more information about the Explore Boone award, click here.