Explore Boone’s website, blog, and social media accounts are intended to be a space to share, discuss and discover helpful or interesting information about the Boone area, as well as connect travelers and cultivate experiences from folks who have visited the area. We want everyone to be part of our community and welcome your questions or comments. In order to create a safe, educational, positive, and inclusive community on our social media channels, we ask that all users heed the following Community Guidelines. 

A Respectful and Supportive Community

We encourage all users to comment and interact with our social media accounts, as we want to build a positive and supportive online community with a common interest in the North Carolina High Country. We welcome questions and comments, including constructive feedback and suggestions, but please remember to stay relevant and respectful with your engagement. 

Comment Moderation Policy

Explore Boone will not tolerate posts or comments that:

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  • Violate our Privacy Policy 

We may update these guidelines and recommend you check back once in a while - this list of prohibitions is not complete or exclusive.


We understand how easily a healthy debate can turn into a personal attack– that’s why in most, but not all instances of guideline violations, we will implement a three-strikes system. 

For first-time violations, the user may or may not be notified. For second-time violations, the user will be notified and provided with a link to these guidelines. For third-time violations, the user will be notified that they have been banned or blocked from engaging with our social media channels, and a link to these guidelines will be provided. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy for racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and sexist content. In these instances of severe violation, the three-strikes system may not apply, and immediate action may be taken with or without user notification. 

We're All Human Here

Please keep in mind that we do not use a third party to monitor our website, blog, or social media channels, and there are real people working to maintain the safety of our online community. Explore Boone reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to delete or hide comments, and ban or block users that do not adhere to our Community Guidelines or with any other applicable Terms and Conditions, rules, or laws. 

We would love to hear your feedback! Contact our Director of Social Media and PR with any concerns or questions about our Community Guidelines. 

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