Gems By Gemini

1098 Main Street, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

(828) 295-7700

Gems By Gemini is a small, independent Blowing Rock, North Carolina, jewelry and gift shop specializing in colored gemstone jewelry featuring genuine stones from leading gem mines throughout the world. When Gems By Gemini opened in The Martin House in 1994, it was decided our market niche would be “unique and unusual rare colored gemstones crafted into beautiful gemstone jewelry with a vibrant innovative style and unparalleled detail.” After 17 years in one location, we’re still true to our path! Gems By Gemini features over 50 different colored gemstones, some in finished jewelry and some as loose stones. Each gemstone & piece of jewelry is significantly different in style and color. We generally don’t do the same design more than once, so your Gems By Gemini jewelry is as unique and individual as you!