Weicholz Global Film Series: Transit

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Janet, Moishe and Tina have left their homeland in search of a better life in Israel. Siblings, Janet and Moishe, are among the 40,000 legal foreign guest workers from the Philippines who serve as health care workers, housemaids, construction laborers, and farm hands. Tina arrives at her Aunt Janet’s Tel Aviv doorstep illegally with the hopes of finding work and getting a work visa. Migrant workers are not allowed to bring their families to Israel, and children born to Filipino workers in Israel are not granted citizenship or residency even if their other parent is an Israeli citizen. When Janet and Moishe learn of a new law that allows the Israeli government to deport the children of foreign workers regardless of how long they have lived in Israel, they force their own children into hiding.

Subtitles: In Hebrew, Filipino, Tagalog, and English with English subtitles