Thread Therapy: Exploring Fabric Collage, Hand Quilting & Slow Stitch

159 Ginny Stevens Lane, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

(828) 295-9099

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In this one-day workshop, we will explore the art of slow stitch and embroidery in the creation and making of a work of fabric collage. Elements of embroidery, hand quilting, and slow-stitch methods will be demonstrated and will culminate in each participant having the tools, materials, and process knowledge to craft a work of fabric collage and to continue this craft as a personal creative pursuit.

Mindfulness used as a therapeutic technique, is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. The operative words for all mindfulness techniques are time and focus, especially focus on the here and now. The act of stitching seems to offer more than simply a distraction and can have a positive effect on mood and stress levels.

Hand embroidery cannot be rushed. Time and focus are required to carefully pull the sharp needle through the fabric. The process of making tiny stitches asks for careful focus. As one becomes more adept and accomplished with needlework and a variety of more accomplished stitches, access to an almost trance-like state is possible. This calm state can be accessed with embroidery and other repetitive motion fiber art modalities. These include weaving, knitting, quilting, crochet, and needlepoint. Mastery of two to three embroidery stitches is recommended in the beginning so “flow” may be achieved—that state of mind that embraces unconscious competence—and a sense of time is ignored or forgotten as the rhythmic stitching process is the only focus.

PLEASE NOTE: Limited seating available. An 80% refund will be issued if the participant cancels three weeks prior to the event. For cancellations made less than three weeks prior to the event, BRAHM will issue a refund IF the museum is able to fill the vacated spot.