Ruminations: Cheryl Prisco

423 West King Street, Boone, NC 28608

(800) 841-2787

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Rumination (noun) 1. a deep and considered thought about something.

I am addicted to color and pattern, drawn to irreverence and visual dissonance. In place of paint and brush I cut, color, and shape wood elements, creating abstract low relief assemblages. The process of my work, the shaping and fitting, the painting and placement of multiple pieces, is the physical manifestation of rumination. My feelings, attitudes and concerns are visually recorded in color and composition. Each assemblage is a rumination, a story, one in the making and one in the viewing.

My technical approach is radically free-wielding by traditional woodworking standards. My desired effect is not symmetry or exacting ornamentation as in inlay but rather a more expressive and painterly approach characterized by qualities of color and texture.

12pm, virtual event