Profile Priorities at Grandfather Mountain State Park

4198 North Carolina 105, Sugar Mountain, NC 28604

(828) 963-9522

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This National Trails Day, Grandfather Mountain State Park is presenting Profile Priorities, a way to learn about two of the most important ways we protect our trails. Known for some of the most strenuous trails in the Southeastern U.S., Grandfather Mountain Park Rangers want to teach the community about how they maintain the trails, and how the community can help maintain them, too!

We will be teaching Leave No Trace (LNT principles) and giving people the chance to make their own tiny trail work tools to practice some common trail maintenance we do here in the park.

We would also like to ask the public to join in a beautification project by clearing the parking lot and surrounding NC Hwy 105 corridor of trash. Gloves, trash bags, and safety vests will be provided.

After the beautification project, feel free to hike along Profile Trail, where signs highlighting examples of our trail work, and brief descriptions of the work will be placed along the first 1/2 mile of Profile Trail.